Monday, April 15, 2013

"Um, Ms. Patrick..."

My weekend was phenomenal, especially since it started on Thursday.

Why Thursday was phenomenal: Thursday night we went to Top Golf in Dallas... best place ever!! So much fun... even if you're a terrible golfer (aka me). Top Golf is even more fun when you run into Danica Patrick. Luckily we had heard she was there and had our phones ready to go. Duck Dude said, "Um, Ms. Patrick... can we take a picture with you?" and she did! She was super nice and really friendly!
I told you fanny packs were involved. I wasn't kidding.
Why Friday was phenomenal: Friday I did a little shopping (a whole blog is going to come on that)... and then I laid by my mother's pool with my little weenie dog! She is a great layout partner... except for when she puts her head on my leg and I have to worry about getting a dog head tan line. We went out with a great group of people and ended our night on the dance floor. There is no better dance move than the sprinkler.
Duck Dude
Why Saturday was phenomenal: My friend Kristen came into town and we went to Wicked on Saturday afternoon. If you have never seen Wicked, you need to add it to your bucket list. It is an incredibly funny musical! I love the story and I will never get tired of seeing it! Then we met up with Duck Dude and friends at a place in Dallas called Kung Fu Panda.. We shared stories, stood under a freezing cold vent, and parked in Africa to get there.. but it's about the people you're with, right? 

Why Sunday was phenomenal: After a relatively busy weekend by my standards... Sunday was the most perfect lazy day. I took my little black dog on a walk-ish. She likes to hold her own leash. Then I headed back to my own apartment and Duck Dude came over and we watched three episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker. I am so lucky he enjoys watching that show. 
See? Phenomenal Weekend right there.

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