Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Toast to April

April... I'm not really sure if you existed.. you were kinda one big blur. Oh well. 

Here's to alfalfa. Because the Little Rascals still entertains me 19 years later. Like laugh out loud, entertains me.

Here's to Yu Darvish basically having a perfect game, because I'm basically perfect too.

Here's to Adam Scott. Because he's Australian and he's smokin' hott. Not because he won the Masters.

Here's to little notes left on my car. Wow, that can brighten a day.

Here's to babysitting 130 kids for 4.5 hours.

Here's to standardized testing for allowing me the time to successfully pick off all the nail polish on my fingers.

Here's to ice water. Not luke warm water, that's just gross. 

Here's to 3000 people Crawling for Cancer in Dallas. That was a neat sight. 

Bring it on May.

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