Monday, April 29, 2013


I had the most amazing day yesterday. I spent the entire day hanging out with children from the Mwangaza Children's choir. They were the sweetest, kindest, most energetic, and fun kids from Uganda. They are on a 6 month tour going all over mainly Texas singing and dancing for the Lord. How cool is that? The youngest is 8 and the oldest turned 14 on the trip. They were a true blessing and I had such a good day pointing out things like airplanes in the sky and teaching them the simple "catch the ball in the cup" game. They are on a very strict schedule/diet while they are here. They cannot watch tv, swim, eat dessert, and are in bed by 8:30, but they have the biggest hearts and an undeniable love for Jesus. 

They love to burst into random song and dance. We spent some of the night singing "My Reedemer Lives", but then we moved on to singing Sound of Musics, "Do, a deer, a female deer". They may have also done a dance that resembled the "wobble"... Who knew line dances made it around the world? I loved every second of it. This video is just a chant I caught them doing while waiting for dinner. 

They were watching their own performance from the morning with "Auntie Marili". They call everyone "Auntie" and "Uncle" while they are here. It is precious.  

Top left is Faith, bottom left is Mercy, and the picture on the right is Esther. I love them. Esther was the main soloist and has a beautiful alto voice. Faith is 9 and she made a "french fry" sandwich at dinner. These girls can eat!!! Mercy is so tender-hearted... see her prayer below.

Just in case you weren't amazed by them already. This was Mercy's prayer before we ate dinner. 

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