Monday, July 8, 2013

How My Life Hasn't Changed...

Ever wonder how your life has not changed since you were 5? No? Well, it's summer and I've officially lost what day it is... so these are the things my brain comes up with. I'm impressed with my personality for sticking with me for so many years. 

I've always loved fishing. Even though I am not the most patient person. I credit my dad for teaching me that waiting can sometimes be a good thing. 

I've always stood/sat in the same spot at Baylor Homecoming. Every year. That same curb behind that same little rope. It's where everyone knows where to find my family. Now, as an alumni, it's where my friends know where to find me. Pretty cool. 

I've always climbed on top of things (remember the pancake question?), the view on top is better. I've also always loved to bake. I credit my mom with teaching me early. Cooking is a fine art and skill that you can always get better at. It's also a hobby that doesn't get old because you can try new things and a hobby that can be beneficial to others around you.  

I've never liked being trapped indoors. Given the option to be outside, I will take it. A place where you are not confined by walls.... or glass doors. 

I've always loved the color green. This was a book from my "3rd grade buddy" when I was in kindergarten. I would never pick pink... I didn't want to be seen as the girly girl. I even picked the yellow Power Ranger when everyone wanted to be the pink one. 

I've always been a performer. If I had to guess, this was probably a "routine" I worked on for half an hour and then kindly asked forced my parents and probably a few stuffed animals to come watch it. 

I've always loved tennis. Once again... I credit my parents for the initial introduction... but now that I am playing on a semi-regular basis: it's so much fun!! Congrats Andy Murray on your impressive win at Wimbledon! I love that tournament. 

I've never been able to stay up late.... even on important days, like Halloween. I've also always thought I was Wonderwoman. Call it first born syndrome or parents who believe in you, but I've always had high goals and I've always worked hard to meet them. Check out that plaid couch pattern. Wow. 


I've always had a super love for puppies. And dogs. And animals. This was Sunny and one of her puppy litters. Oh so tiny and precious and Sunny was so good and just let us crazy kids hold them and take care of them! 

I love old pictures. They bring back so many memories! I had such a wonderful childhood and it is crazy to see what a creature of habit I am. 

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