Monday, July 15, 2013

25 Things I know because I've lived for 25 years!

Today is my birthday. My 25th birthday. That's a little bit of a woah factor for me. That's a lot of years. I, officially, cannot just say I'm a young buck anymore. I cannot blame my bad decisions on my lack of years of living. So I figured I would share 25 things I have learned in my abundant years of life.

1. family is the most important thing
2. Chapstick is the #1 accessory
3. you can never have too many shoe options
4. evil laughs are not necessarily socially accepted
5. tortilla chips and salsa is my go to comfort food
6. diet coke is a caffeine lifeline
7. I would thrive on a reality tv show
8. take time to take pictures. Capture memories.
9. alone time is not bad time
10. if you don't sleep you will have bags under your eyes
11. if you have allergies you will still have bags under your eyes even if you get 12 hours of sleep
12. college sports enthusiasm will always top pro sports
13. it's ok to join fads that will fade away if they're awesome
14. Texas is the best of the fifty nifty United States
15. curling up on a couch with a blanket is the best thing ever
16. don't sleep naked.
17. sometimes warts take 3 times to freeze off or you have to get them cut off
18. always have your fingernails painted
19. a home cooked meal is the best kind of meal.               
20. attempt things. You don't want to ask yourself why not later.
21. make friends that wouldn't mind dressing you if you're not capable of doing it yourself or put your contacts in for you (shoulder surgery forces you to get close)
22. pink tool sets will not fix everything, but they will fix a lot.
23. singing loud is a necessity all the time. No shame in that game. 
24. accents are sexy. British accents are to die for.
25. 2nd moms are just about as good as 1st moms! 

This 25 year old is signing off.. 

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