Friday, May 9, 2014

Fake Friday Thursday

Yesterday kind of felt like Friday, but it was Thursday, and I'm kind of hating being at school right now. But it's ok because today is actually Friday, and now I can tell you about my fake Friday Thursday. 

It poured and poured and flash flooded all day. So, I tweeted @BaylorProud about how bad my parking lot floods. And I felt reallllllly cool when they replied to me, and I knew it was going to be a good day. 

Then, it stopped raining. Which was good because I was going to the Rangers game. And I wore a jacket and jeans to the Rangers game. Which never happens because it's Texas and I'm going to think about this when I go to a game in mid July and it's 115 degrees. 

Then my Uncle Curt put on facebook for all to see that "The tattoo girl behind you in the red has nothing on your tat. Show her your foot. That will scar those demons. Jus sayin"  and all my friends got a good laugh. 

Oh, and the sky looked really pretty. I know this is a super edited photo, but it just looked so cool.

And all this time Duck Dude was at a draft get together. And I was reallllly wondering when Johnny football would go, but in the meantime loved the all the beforemanzielgetsdrafted hashtags. Especially this one.

And then my phone died, because I managed to leave not one, but two chargers at Duck Dude's house when I was dog sitting. But it's ok because tonight we have dinner club. And because today is real Friday. Happy Friday!

Thanks for not commenting on the amount of fragments in this blog post. I just couldn't write in sentences today. The struggle is real, y'all. 

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