Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gratitude Journal w/ Weekend Recap

A quick weekend recap: one of these times I might be more prepared than trying to type real fast before I get told to put my computer away. 

Friday: Ducks and HBO

Saturday: Secret mission, hanging with Koal girl, making her practice for engagement pictures, hang in with the red dog Crashie poo, and pool time snacks.... amazing.

Sunday: Father's Day fun and more Koal girl

Did I mention she picked to ride with me to Duck Dude's parent's house?? #favoritedogparent

If you didn't read yesterday's post, go do it. I'm going to do a 21 day gratitude journal. Here's day #1.

Gratitude Journal: 
1. I am grateful for a mom and a fiancé who are both willing and enjoy going to look at wedding venues with me. I am grateful for not feeling alone.
2. I am grateful for a family that wants daily feedback from me. 
3. I am grateful for the sweetest text I received from my future-father-in-law last night. He wanted to make sure he knew he loves me as one of his own. 


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