Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photographer: Check

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a photographer. I felt like I was going on a blind date. My palms were sweaty, I almost texted her to tell her what I was wearing, and I was worried about her seeing this weird pimple on my ear that I thought was my cartilage piercing getting infected... but it wasn't! #pimpleforthewin 

I also thought about identifying myself with a book and a rose... just so I could be like You've Got Mail... except it wasn't a blind date... it was a wedding photographer.

Luckily, I knew exactly who she was when she walked in and she quickly asked, "Are you Mollie?" Whew! Awkward meeting out of the way. She has a denim vest on, I have a denim vest on.... good start. She sits and we start gabbing like we're old high school friends. Seriously, it was super easy conversation. 

She tells me all about how she started out in photography and was a journalism major. I tell her my dad and my blonde are both journalism majors. She was a newscaster for 8 years and offered to talk to my blonde sister and answer any questions she might have (even though I had literally just met her 4 min and 39 seconds ago). 

We talk about her wedding photography and she tells me she doesn't put any time limits on her work because her job is to be there to capture all of the moments (uhhh cool)... and she doesn't put any huge logos across her pictures because she figures if people want to know who did the pictures they will ask (uhh double cool).... and did I mention she'll give me 700-1000 edited pictures (sold). 

I find out she lives super close to where I grew up and almost immediately she throws out blast from the pasts names that I quite literally have not heard since high school. Like, even brought up the guy that my red head went to prom with. This prom, right here:

Don't kill me sister
We even discovered she was at a bachelorette party with a mutual friend this past weekend. I spent all weekend gawking at the pictures on Instagram because they were awesome, and she was there!!!

All of this because I literally just searched for "Dallas Photographers" on Facebook. How cool is that?

I guess that means I can cross find photographer off of my to do list.


  1. Congratulations! Getting a photographer is HUGE!!

    1. Everyone has been telling me that!! So I feel very lucky that it all kind of just fell into place!

  2. I met with mine via Skype due to the fact I live in Texas & we're getting married in Illinois. I made Drew help me clean the apartment from top to bottom even though she would never see it & I came home from work, freshened up my hair & makeup, made Drew put on a nice shirt so he could say hi & was SO nervous. She was wonderful though & like yours has no time frame & gives the same amount of edited photos back!

    1. So I'm not the only one?? That makes me feel sooo much better!! :)