Tuesday, June 24, 2014

White Dress Style

Today, I am wedding dress shopping. Wait, what??? It almost doesn't feel real. I'm not sure if it will until I actually throw one of those things on. Anyway, I'm totally anxious and when I get anxious, I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. So here are things I could very possibly say at 3 o'clock today. 

Do you have a certain style in mind?
Yes, the white dress style. 

Want to try on a mermaid dress?
No, she's Ariel... I'm Belle. 


Where is the wedding going to be?
No idea. 

What do you think?
I need at least two minutes to process. Ask my family instead. They will answer. 

What's your budget? 
Budget Shmudget..... (Just kidding dad) ... Is realistic an applicable term to this question? I'm only gonna wear the dress one day of my life, but it's a pretty big day. So my budget is realistic. 

What do you think of this dress?
I think it makes me look like a poodle. Or a moose. 

What do you think? 
Do you serve wine here?

Can you imagine yourself in this dress? 
Will you accept this rose? I'm not sure, but I used to imagine myself on the bachelorette. 

Don't worry. We have plenty of dresses to try on.
I have a volleyball game at 8. 

Can you rank the dresses from favorite to least?
I'm much better at ranking hott baseball players. 


What would your fiancé like?
He'd probably like me to walk down naked. 

Wish me lots of luck.

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