Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Possible First Dance Songs

Guess what? It's Wednesday and I am engaged. So that, obviously, means I get to officially be a part of Wedding Wednesday. I've seen so many of these posts and I have never had anything to contribute. But now, now... I can share all of my wedding wisdom on Wednesday. I know you're all so excited. 

Yesterday I printed off this fantastic checklist for our wedding. It's approximately 35 pages long. Don't worry, that doesn't freak me out. It's so detailed, I know I cannot possibly forget anything and it's broken down into timelines. We all know lists our us bloggers favorite things, and this is the biggest list everrrr. 

I haven't looked where this is on the list, but first dance song. It's gotta be a priority... it's going to be "our song" for the rest of our lives. No pressure, huh? Duck Dude and I don't really have "a song", per se. So, after our drive home from fishing and listening to music, I thought I'd do a little brainstorming. Here are a couple possibilities for our first dance song. 

​God Blessed the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts 
The song we heard on the way home that sparked this entire idea. It was even more romantic when Duck Dude started holding his nose and singing along. He could do that while we were dancing and it would be such a cute picture. I also informed him this was a song that my ex boyfriend in high school made me a CD and this was the title track. This song could really just signify the broken roads we have been on. 

My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
We didn't know each other in elementary school when this song came out, but does that really matter? I belted it while standing on fire places at friend's birthday parties and Duck Dude remembers sitting awkwardly in the movie theater with his mom and seeing a pair of women parts for this first time. He also laughed when she let him go, because he didn't understand what she meant by "I'll never let go." Sounds like a perfect first dance song!!

I Thought I Loved You Then - Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley can croon to me anytime... so why not my first wedding dance? Even though this feels way more like a 50th wedding anniversary song, I am willing to look past that. "We've come so far since that day" even though it should really say "since that whole year that you asked me out and I turned you down".... a day will work! Sounds like a wedding song to me!!

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Disney version
This song is clearly to reflect my love of all things Disney. I couldn't imagine a more perfect song to begin our marriage.... then I could sing it to Duck Dude every night for the rest of our lives. Does it get any better? 

God Must Have Spent a Little More Time - NSYNC
I'm not gonna lie... this is probably the front runner. You can always count on a NSYNC song to get you through all aspects of life. Why not begin our marriage that way? Then, we can spend the rest of our lives requesting this song at all the other weddings we go to. You can two-step to anything, right?

Wedding planning is full of tough decisions y'all. 

P.S. please know that this is not a serious blog
P.P.S if one of these is your actual wedding dance song, I did not mean it offensively 


  1. I died when I got the last one! Seriously lol'ing happening right now. If I ever mentioned that to Drew he wouldn't even respond to me, he'd shoot me a nasty look then continue doing whatever he was doing. I might just have to mention that song to him tonight to see if I'm correct! Haha

  2. haha dooo ittt! They were my first concert and my first love!!! It will probably be played at the wedding... along with Dirty Pop!!