Monday, June 9, 2014

Bread Be Gone

Recently, I got to sit in on a nutritionist meeting. It was for my 8th graders, but I was pretty excited to hear the nutritionist as well. From the meeting, there were two things that she emphasized more than anything else.

1. Do NOT eat bread. Not even wheat bread.

2. Strength Training for women. 

Hmm... not as much HIIT as I've been doing? You're telling me that I should be doing low intensity interval cardio... and then 45 min of strength training? I love strength training. At least way more than I love running on a treadmill. 

So this summer, I am not eating bread. Now, let me clarify... I am not going gluten free. I am not counting out pasta and carbs quite yet... just bread. Just the heavenly rolls of Texas Roadhouse, and the cheddar biscuits from Red Lobster, and yummy goodness of crescent rolls. 

Summer BBQ and parties? Hi, I'll be the person with just the hamburger patty. Dollar hot dogs at the ballpark for Rangers games? I'll take a weenie please. 

I am definitely looking for people to join me. Anyone else trying any new diets this summer? Let me know!

But until then, I'll see ya later bread. 

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