Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raggedy Ann

Once upon a time, when Mollie was a wee little child, she had this life size doll that she would play with. “Play with” is a relative term because really, this doll was pretty creepy. However, she sat up in our upstairs play room on the window seat in the bay window. Her name was Raggedy Ann.

Raggedy Ann belonged to my mother first and my mother loved Raggedy Ann. She got her as a Christmas present when she was 8 or 9 from the neighbor. Sometimes when her dress would slip off her shoulders, you could see the little red heart that was painted on her chest. Not in a skanky kind of way, in a ‘her dress was too big’ kind of way…. Cause she was, indeed, raggedy.

[Jump to yesterday]

Duck Dude and I are watching the bachelorette, Andi, on her quest to find love… or something like that. As she was towering on a rooftop, she said, “I feel like a rag doll.”

Duck Dude followed up with, “Raggedy Andi!!!”

I laughed and told him I had a life size Raggedy Ann growing up. I, then, sent a text to my family group text, because I thought it was hilarious that Duck Dude knew the term. Approximately 6 minutes later, my mom sends these texts:

And I had to pause Andi’s quest for love because I was laughing so hard. In those 6 minutes, my mom had gone up in the attic, found Raggedy Ann, and posed her for pictures. More specifically, with the book that I’m currently reading that I left at mom’s on Saturday.

Touché, mom, touché.

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