Friday, June 13, 2014


Y'all. I have a new favorite store. If you're not aware of my love of all things monogrammed, it's a serious issue. I blogged about it here, I tweet about my love for it, and now someone has fueled my obsession.

Does anyone mouth start watering when they see that? It looks like heaven... especially that little tiny baby sweater. Friends with children, expect one.

One of my sweetest athletes (and best athletes) gave me a giftcard to a new store. It's called HMK and it is glorious. The best part? She said, "It's so you can get something monogrammed with your new last name letter!!" I thought it was extremely thoughtful and was so happy to accept it!

They monogram anything and everything, you can create your own stationary, and they gift wrap for you!!! For those of us that were not blessed with the folding corners perfectly or tying bows genes, we need places like this!!!

Currently there's only one in Kansas City, Southlake, and Denver... but I hope they will add more stores soon!! Until then, sorry I'm not sorry, I am headed to Southlake!

Happy, happy Friday!!

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