Friday, June 27, 2014

Five on Friday {NYC}

I love five on Friday. It's such an excellent recap or glance forward or whatever you want. 

5. It is officially summer. If you haven't seen the buzzfeed article circulating around about what a teacher's summer really looks like, it's pretty spot on! My 3 weeks of summer school are over and I can officially lay around and do nothing all day. :)..... except I'm not.. because.

4. We leave for NYC today!!!! The Man BFF's birthday was yesterday and he's moving back to Texas from NYC. So we are having one ginormous birthday/going away party alllll weekend. And because it's officially summer, we're staying until Tuesday. All great events need a good hashtag, so earlier this week Man BFF and I came up with #NYCsaysbyetoE .... just in case you want to follow all of our shenanigans.

His 25th birthday in NYC
3. Yesterday Duck Dude calls me and asks if I did anything with our flights. I say no and ask him why. He says, "I just got an email saying we've been upgraded to first class." I was doubtful, and Duck Dude was confused. I texted Man BFF to tell him about it and he said, "That's just weird. They didn't have two seats together but you'll be able to switch with the other people." I thought he had already talked to Duck Dude... until he said this.

Yup. I have pretty sweet friends. So now, Duck Dude and I get to start off our trip in first class. 

2. Duck Dude has never been to NYC before, and he's adorably nervous.... because "he talks slower, he walks slower, and he wears boots." I think he will be just fine and I hope he loves the city as much as I do. I do not believe I could ever live there... but I love to visit!!

1. We're all flying home together. Man BFF is on our same flight back home!! So we will have the whole flight to recap all of the memories we spent the weekend making. It's going to be the best #NYCsaysbyetoE everrrrr! 

Small p.s. I won't be taking the time to blog while in NY... so I'll see y'all next Wednesday!

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