Friday, December 13, 2013

Student Presents

Student presents are a funny thing. 

I'm down with the edible ones.... if I like you. If I do not like you and we spend most of our days going tit for tat, I'm probably not going to eat your food, because most likely you poisoned me and want me to die.

I'm not down with jewelry. Most of the time I do not like it. It's just too risky of a choice. And then I feel like I have to keep it and wear it at least once so the student can say, "Hey! That's what I gave you!" 

One time I got a wreath.... now it hangs above my calendar in December. That was cool.

One time I got nail polish.... that student might have gotten extra credit. We had a nail polish bond that no one could break. 

Candles are fine. As long as they smell good. If they smell bad, then I think you hate me. 

I'm down with just a thank you card. I love when the parent forces the kid to write me a card. I still treasure it whether it was done by torture or not. 

Then every now and then you get something real special. 

Like this. 

A clipboard.. from an athlete.. who knows I love my clipboards and get very superstitious about them. And who knows my favorite color pallet right now is navy, gray, and gold. And knows that all the things I yell while coaching are really just because I love them. And now, I love my clipboard. 

Happy Friday.

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