Monday, December 2, 2013

Toast to November

I did not mean to take a break last week, but hey! It happened and it was refreshing. However, I am going to try to combine my toast to November with a few new items that are now in my possession. So take it away November!

Here's to drawer organizers. You made my bathroom drawer look a million and one times cleaner. I appreciate you for this and I promise to never let it reach that state of disaster again. 

Here's to burlap reindeer. Meet Dasher. He entered my life when Duck Dude and I entered Kirkland's looking for decorations for his mantle. I just could not pass him up. He. is. adorable. 

Here's to finding at least one pair of flats I like. They're not black and I still need a black pair, but these keep growing on me. Now I want a black pair exactly like them. Guess I have to go to Nordstoms. 

Here's to Christmas Carols. I sing them year round, but it's about November when people do not look at me quite as strange as they do in June. Again, how could I not pass this pillow up. I love it. 

Here's to gold bathroom soap dispensers. You read that correctly. I broke my soap dispenser a while ago... but it was so pretty. So I've had two on the bathroom counter. One that's pretty. And one that actually works. While I was at HomeGoods, I finally found a soap dispenser that was up to my standards and would match my yellow/gold bathroom. She's just as pretty, if not prettier, than my last. 

Here's to unreal beauty. My red head sister captured this picture on Thanksgiving morning out on the ranch. It's beautiful and reminds me how much greater God's power is than my own. Just unreal. 

Here's to big guns. Because I live in Texas and I like to embrace any and all stereotypes thrown at me. I like big guns and I cannot lie... all you other states can't deny.. 

November you were wonderful and I am extremely thankful for all the memories I made within your 30 days. Hi December, I love you. 

(full recap on hunting tomorrow)

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