Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Carb Baby

My mom calls me her carb baby. Because I love carbs. Like, if I had my choice of eating whatever I wanted, it would be carbs and starches all. day. long. I'm lucky I do like vegetables, but I love carbs. So it may be surprising that one thing I have not conquered is cooking rice. I have never been good at it. I do not know if I put too much water or not enough, or maybe I cook it too fast, but it never comes out tasting exactly like rice should. I really just need one of those fancy rice cookers, but until then, I am stuck trying to figure out how to make rice taste like rice without using an Uncle Ben's pouch that you stick in the microwave. 

Cue the day I made a black eyed pea casserole that I still haven't blogged about.... and it suggested something. Cook rice in chicken broth for more flavor. Hmm, alright. So I tried it and had the most wonderful rice I have ever cooked. Not only did it come out perfect, it also came out with flavor! And it was an awesome dish. I really will blog about it sometime.

So last week, I had a teriyaki chicken thing I was trying and there was a pouch of rice in it. I still had chicken broth, so I thought I'd try it again. Perfect!! Again!! 

I either suddenly know how to cook rice, or I have discovered a much easier way to cook rice while adding more flavor!!!!!! I like to think I discovered it, however, do not google it because a lot of other people will tell you they discovered it too and then you will just feel like you've been left out of a secret club for years. 

I realize you might not always want a chicken flavor with whatever you're cooking, but I feel you could use it a lot of the time. The teriyaki chicken turned out decent, however I still think I like the PF Changs frozen bags better. But now, I know how to cook rice. 

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