Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"How was hunting?!?!?"

A question I've gotten many times so far this past week and a half. Either I was reallllly excited and told everyone or people look at my Facebook on-the-line more than I realize. 

How good was it? 

So good I live tweeted it. 

So here's a recap in tweets and pictures. (You don't have to be wearing camo to read this, but it will probably help set the mood.. Just a thought)

4:10 - "Welp guys. It double date duck hunt time. I'll be live tweeting my thoughts. Ready go:" ..... So my grammar slash editing ability is hindered at 4 am... Note made. 

4:16 - "Rise and shine and God give us the duckies, duckies. #dddh2k13."
Ohh clever twist on the Christian Classic. Should have hash tagged preachers kid. 

4:39 - "is it a requirement to talk about hunting the whole way there? Oooo.. IKEA. I want to redo my bedroom." 
Made it 29 minutes without talking about something besides hunting. Almost half an hour. Basically a full New Girl show. I'll take it. 

4:51 - "we just turned north on 75... My idea of where Bonham is was completely off!!! And isn't colder up north? Crappp." 
5 am grammar isn't any better and Bonham isn't in east Texas. Got it. 

5:02 - "just brought my Michael Kors purse into Racetrac with me... So I still look like I know what I'm doing?" 
I honestly felt like Michael Kors would be okay with me glaming up the camo a bit. New marketing strategy?

5:11 - "I felt like I was in a secret club with everyone in camo in there. 'Hi..' 'Hows it going?' 'Are you my boyfriend?' 
This was actually a really funny part of the trip. When we came out of the bathroom there were all sorts of camo people in the gas station. I almost cuddled up to the guy at the counter before I realized that was not my Duck Dude. Yikes. I know understand how that little bird feels.

5:19 – “Man, I just got me a flatbread… with turkey… AND cheese!!!!”
Duck Dude’s bro in law was super excited about his turkey and cheese and I cannot say I blame him. At this point we were getting close and I was getting super excited that it was about time for his sister and I to start layering up.

5:27 – “Ahhh, shoot. I haven’t been using the hashtag. #dddh2k13 #dddh2k13 #dddh2k13”

5:46 – “I got pads on my feet…. Ohh that’s just a toe warmer!!! #dddh2k13”
For real, they were like pads, however I will not judge them because they kept my feet warm.

5:59 – “We’re about to freeze our camo little hineys off!! #dddh2k13”

6:26 – “Let the action begin!!”
I do not think you could pay me to get in the water, even with waders on.

Here’s where I actually took a break and soaked in all the duck hunting glory……. Or I just kept my hands in my gloves because it was too cold to do anything else!

8:45 – “My baby Koal”
 I was so proud of her!! If you ever get a chance to watch a dog actually hunt, take it. 

8:46 – “Breakfast is served. #glunting #dddh2k13”
I love Coleman stoves. If you do not own one.. put it on your Christmas list riiiiight now!!

And then the tweets of all the post hunting pictures begin. I did not shoot any, but I sure loved taking pictures with them like I did! Ain’t no shame in that game. Don’t we look good?
Can you tell who is who? ha

I cannot tell who is more camouflaged. Us or Koal?


Camo, gun, dog. Awwwww.
It was such a marvelous morning… followed by a winless afternoon by our football teams. But we didn’t let it get us down, because we are duck hunters.

I believe there will be a dddh2k14.

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