Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Centerpieces

My winter centerpieces are finally finished. Just in time for this arctic weather heading for us tomorrow.
It's Texas and I've lived here my entire life, but the weather still surprises me. Anyways, my centerpieces are pretty. I might be biased, but they are exactly how I imagined. Glitter and burlap. The perfect juxtaposition. 

This was my first time using mod podge and glitter. I was very pleased with the turn out. Being a math teacher, I looked for ratios of mod podge to glitter for a long while.... however the best advice I read was make it look like clumpy sand. If you do it that way, you only have to make one coat. 

I started off trying to tape a perfect line for glitter. Then I got frustrated. I free handed it. The little imperfections are fine by me. 

And the greatest of these is love. 

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