Friday, November 22, 2013


Tomorrow I am going on my first duck hunt. It’s going to be a ‘double date duck hunt’ with Duck Dude and his sister and bro in law. I think it’s the only thing that got me through this allergy ridden week.

The best thing about this hunt? It’s going to be more gl-unting than hunting. Glamorous hunting. Like glamping but glunting. My main purpose of going is to watch Duck Dude’s dog, Koal, do her thang. We plan on cooking breakfast and drinking drinks that will keep us warm. I do not even care to shoot a gun.. I just want to stay warm.

If I had a pink camo jacket I would wear it.

If we were going deer hunting, I would glitter paint the antlers.

If we were shooting a moose, I’d still glitter paint the antlers. It’d make all the boy mooses go ‘wahhhh.’

If I were going to prom, I’d wear a camo dress.

Just kidding.
I could actually see his sister and I doing this though..... just a little morning yoga!

And the whole time I’ll probably be imagining this:

I will give a whole recap next week, but until then:    

Happy Friday of Thanksgiving break... y'all!!!

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