Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Principal's Office

I did it. I voluntarily walked into the principal’s office.

Let me preface the story with this. I love my principal. He is great. He does not micromanage and he always supports me. I love when he comes into my room.. he is always welcome. However, I do not care to spend time in his office. It still just feels weird. And I do not like to ask favors.

Buuuuut. I neeed to be on this hiring committee for a new math teacher in January. I never want my blog to be a negative place. When I go on rants, I try to at least keep it a positive rant…. Ish. So I will say this. In order for me to be a better teacher and to have a collaboration partner, I needed to tell demand kindly ask my principal if I could be on the committee.

I had my bullet points ready. I had my reasons listed out. I had thought of rebuttals in case he said no. And after a week of gathering courage, emailed him to “have a quick chat.”

I walked in, made a quick corny joke, and sat at a table with him. I took a glance at my notes and began talking. “Thanks so much for meeting with me. I promise I won’t talk a lot of your time….”

Within 30 seconds, I’m not even joking, he said, “I want you on the hiring committee.”

Oh.. uhh.. cool. Well. I’m not finished with my bullet points. How can I say that all professional sounding?

“Thanks, but I still have bullet points!”

Now you just blurted something out… stick to the bullet points!!!

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the experience and grow professionally. I was wondering if you had created a profile of the person you are hoping to hire?”

And then we talked about what I was looking for and compared it with what he was looking for. We talked a little bit about logistics and that was it!

I’m officially on the hiring committee and I get to be a part of the interview process. We’ve already had over 30 applicants for the job, so I’m hoping we will really be able to pick from the cream of the crop! I’m sure I will have some blogs in the future about the process. We expect to begin interviews the first week in December.

I’m already praying that the person God drops in the job is the perfect one for the position.

3 days until Thanksgiving Break, but who’s counting? 

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