Monday, November 4, 2013

Meet Hedwig

Meet Hedwig. He's the purdiest painted owl I ever did saw. Mainly because I painted him, and drew him, and slaved over him for a solid 3 hours. And I love him. Here was my thought process along the way. 

Whaaat? We have to actually draw?? No, no... this is a painting thing, not a drawing thing. Grr. Hmm.. it actually does look like an owl. Dang those v's in the center are crooked. Well shoot... guess I'll go with it!

Ah, I see what we did there. Each individual brush stroke is a feather.. because owls have feathers. I'm following you oh master painter Christopher. Look at that shading on the sides of the face. I feel like that's quality shading right there. 

I really like this feather color. I think I get more bold with each painting I do. Don't be afraid to slap that paint up there Mollie! He still looks pretty cute... but I'm gonna go check out everyone else's around me. 

Oh hey Laney with your own apron that you brought with you!! Dang your brush strokes look awesome. Now I'm feeling self conscious about my own ability to hold a paintbrush and not shake... maybe I drank too much diet coke today.. maybe that's why I'm shaking... no.. that could never happen. I take that statement back. What are we doing next? Painting a circle?? Do you know how hard it is for a math teacher to paint a circle. Do you have a ruler so I can measure each diameter of my circle, Christopher? No? Hmm, good thing I have awesome estimation skills. 

Yeah, I can deal with those circles... but what are those feet? They're yellow blobs!! How are they supposed to look like feet? And what did I do with my branch? I made a lovely poop green/brown and thought I'd put that on my painting. That was dumb. And it just keeps getting bigger because I keep trying to add brown/black like Christopher originally told me to do. Why did I venture off on my own? 

Ohhh.. I get to make my own eye color? Obviously my owl's eyes are going to be green. Not the poop green.. but a pretty mint green. Yes, that is actually what I was going for... my circles aren't quite perfect anymore, but that is a pretty green. Dang those v's are still way off center.  

Those really small parts of white were very difficult to paint with a shaky hand... Where's the part where we put more stuff around the eye to detract from my not perfect circles?? We get to make more of our own colors? Perfect!! I want mine to be bright and cheerful... because he's a happy owl. He's a happy Hedwig... Hedwig!!! I'm going to call him Hedwig!!!!! 

And there you have my imperfectly perfect Hedwig. 

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