Thursday, November 21, 2013

Prince Fielder

And here lies the problem. If you tell me these are My Rangers... I am going to believe you. When I believe you, I am going to assume that I will be included on all major issues. So when I randomly hear that not only Ian Kinsler, but also my Baylor bear David Murphy has to go play with the Tigers/Indians, and we get Prince Fielder.......I pout allllll night long and complain to anyone who will listen. This is why Prince Fielder just plain sucks.

1. His name is Prince. Seriously. You are not royalty and you are no where close to looking like a Prince; therefore, your name should not be Prince. One time I had a student named Princess and I despised calling her name... and she was anything but a Princess. And Prince reminds me of Princess and I just do not see why you would name your child that! 

2. I hate one of his tattoos. If you know me, you know I love my tattoos. If it were socially acceptable for teachers to have sleeves, I would have one. But Prince Fielder has a tattoo, in Korean, of his name.... on his neck. First of all, neck tats? No. You're a hood rat. Secondly, in Korean? You're not Korean. Third, it says Prince? You cannot remember your own name? I don't get it. If that was tattooed in English we would all make fun of him. I don't think having it in Korean makes it any better. 

3. He can't run the bases. I am specifically referring to game 6 of the ALCS this year, but I am sure there are other examples I could find. He was on third and got chased down by Saltalamacchia. He dove for third base and ended up about a foot and a half short. Yup. You're real close, Prince! Look at him looking at the ump like "Sympathy call? Something?" And the third baseman is like "Your, like, so far away, I don't even feel the need to step on the bag." The only good thing about this picture is Salty's mask is flying off and you can see his face. Hiiiii Salty. Come back to Texas. 

4. His playoff batting average is less than admirable. The tweet speaks for itself. 

RIP David Murphy. As soon as I can have a chat with management about My Rangers.... and the Man BFF and I have a "talk" with JD over Christmas break... I'm sure he will trade for you to come back. Stay strong and come hang out with me on Dec 7th in Waco.


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