Friday, November 1, 2013

Toast to October

Here's to pumpkins. Enough said.

Here's to volleyball season. I love you and I will miss you in about 2 months... but I am glad you are finished for now. 

Here's to parents. The good ones that will do anything and everything for me. And the bad ones.... because you are excellent birth control and a reminder of exactly what I do not want to be like. Yikes. Too harsh? Oh well. 

Here's to my first experience with curriculum writing. It's long and difficult, but I'd rather be doing it than someone else. 

Here's to another month a Pinterest project has laid on my kitchen table uncompleted. I'm working on it. Ok... I'm kind of working on it. I'm working on it by drinking wine... because I need the corks. Does that peak your interest? Maybe I'll remember to ask a restaurant for their corks sometime this next month. 

Here's to decision making. I can't decide where I want to hang sweet little Hedwig in my apartment. He's moved around at least three times this week. Oh shoot.. I haven't blogged about Hedwig???

Here's to actually having too many blog posts in your mind. This month I had toooo many posts I wanted to write. When does that happen? Maybe I'll get to them all next week!  

Until then.... 

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