Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Hickey: One time edition

It all started the Friday before homecoming, or BUHC13, if you've been around these parts lately.

I left my beloved straightener in the coaches office... and I dried my hair to be nice and big for the weekend. Like, huge Texas big. Then I could do nothing to tame it because I forgot my straightener. So, I decided to pull out the curling iron, that I haven't used in 3 years and I shouldn't have been using it for about 5 because my hair doesn't and will not ever stay curled for longer than 13 minutes.

I was drinking my coffee, listening to pandora, enjoying not being at school on a Friday when the inevitable happened. I burned myself. A nice lovely burn on my neck that looks strikingly similar to a hickey.

Now, this is bad.. because everyone knows the more you try to defend yourself the guiltier you look. This was made even worse because when we were in high school, my red head sister attempted to cover up a hickey by actually burning herself with a straightener. Smart, huh? It didn't work and let's just go ahead and say my bro in law is lucky my minister mom let them get married 6 years later. So what do I do??

My options? 
1. Accept defeat. Just let everyone know I got a burn and let the remarks fly about my "hickey."
2. Try and hide it. Ultimately looking more guilty if someone happens to see it. 
3. Distract people with somewhere else to look. I really love that commercial where the mom says, "What? It's smokey eyes!"

4. Wear a scarf. Infinity scarves are perfect for keeping the neck warm hiding anything you might possibly have on your neck. 
Yup, can't see my neck!
5. A combo of the above.

I eventually decided to go with a combo of #1 and #4. There's not much that my family hides from each other. I also thought it made for a hilarious story. And I took the "sure it is!!" and the "uh huh... a 'curling iron burn'" like a champ.

So there you have it. The one, the only, the first and the last edition of my "hickey." 

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