Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If I were to replace Hank Williams lyrics with words for my family it would be this:

Hey Mollie,
Why do you [stand in front of a blazing fire]?
(To take sic em pictures)
Why do you [wake up at 7 am on sat]?
(To watch the parade!!)
Why must you live out the [traditions that you keep]?

Over and over everybody makes [game] predictions,
So if [bleed green and gold], I'm just carrying on an old family tradition.

7 of the 10 cousins have gone to Baylor. It's seriously glorious. So I asked everyone last night a simple question, 

"What is your favorite part about homecoming weekend?"
Cousin #2 (that's me!!) - the nostalgia-y part of the weekend. How one random minute can throw any one person into a story about "their times" at Baylor. I love stories. 

Cousin #3 - Playing girl or car...... (this might be a game we play where the boys decide whether they'd rather have the girl or the car they're riding in.. sometimes it's a difficult game... I definitely chose David Murphy as he went by.... hiiiiiiii David!!!!)
Cousin #6 - My favorite part of homecoming is sitting on the curb with all my family for the parade...... and winning football games! Sic em!
Cousin #7 - my favorite part of homecoming is the parade with our whole family. More specifically, taking pictures at the parade!!! It is so fun to go watch the cousins grow up year after year on the curb of 5th street. Also, so there is candy, so you can't go wrong with that. 
Cousin #8 - sitting in the same spot on the curb as a family for the parade every year
Cousin #9 - I mean, I'd be lying if I didn't say the football game.. But I also loved freshman mass meeting.

My mom wrapped up almost everyone's sentiments and simply said, "The curb."

Everything about the entire weekend was phenomenal. I loved it all. Until next year buhc... 

He's so good at the bear claw and he's just a freshman!!
My sisters incredible float!!!

The two winning floats.. but I loved my sisters hard work!!!

The curb picture
The standing Sic Em picture!!

Tailgating with the roomies!!!
In case you didn't know... 71-7. the end. 

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