Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sherry = Toby

Yesterday, I was super proactive and got a new ID while I was at the administration building. I had one of the ladies I was writing curriculum with walk me down to the office I needed to go to.... HR. I've gotten emails from this lady before and she's never really seemed too friendly. So the conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Hi! I needed to come and get a new ID!"
Sherry: "Why do you need a new one?"
Me: " Oh you know, my little ID holder broke like two years ago and my resourceful use of scotch tape to keep it together didn't hold up, so they fell out at some point and have since been lost in the deep abyss of middle school world."
Sherry: "You lost it two years ago?"
Me: "Oh yes, maybe two and half years ago..."
Sherry: "And you're just now doing something about it?"
Me: "Well, I kept hoping that they would eventually show up... and then I forgot about them.. and when you have a master key there really is no point to have a swipey ID with you because I don't need to swipe anything, I just use my key!"
Sherry: "It's a security issue. What if someone picked up your ID and used it to get into the school?"
Me: "Well it's been 2 years and no one's used it yet!"
Sherry: "Here's your new one. Try not to lose this one."

She was just a little ball of sunshine and I kind of felt bad for her after I left.... until this morning when I proudly put my new ID on my keys and realized my name is spelled "Molly." ughhh she didn't even spell my name right!!! And then I went back to thinking about how much she sucked. Maybe The Office is right about HR people... maybe they do suck and she was just a Toby and she probably thinks I'm an idiot but I don't really care because I feel like I have a lot more fun in my life than she does in hers and this is one really large run on sentence.

Speaking of my life being fun. I'm super excited that these little pieces of clothing are currently "in transit" to my apartment!

As well as this little diddy... Cause I'm gonna attempt to be all hipster like and wear it on the front of my head... like the girls next to my pretty headband... and I'll probably look at my students with my eye half open just like she is.. and keep my lips nice and pursed to make sure I pull off the full hipster effect. 

Here are two things I got from the above paragraph. 1. I am not a fashion blogger... still. and 2. I will probably decide almost immediately that my ears are way to big to wear a headband like that and go back to my normal way of wearing headbands. It's still a pretty headband. 

Happy Hump Day!

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