Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tire Blog

“What's a good number for ya?

“Uh, what are you talking about?”

“A phone number?”


My mind went straight to some tire pressure number or a good price number.. Or some secret tire talk. And all they wanted was a phone number. 

My inspection was up in July. I am duly aware that is October 7th. I get nervous when I have to deal with car people. I've never been good with them and I always sound so dang awkward. I attempted to get my car inspected three times... Once the inspector had already left for the day.. Once I couldn’t even figure out where to park.. so I just left… and the last one they told me my car didn't pass. I thought he was joking. And he said no, you need two new front tires.

Well shoot. I'm entering October that is jam packed with events and zero free weekends and I don't have time to leave my car somewhere for a day! 

What is the solution? Take a day off! Duck dude just got back from Canada.. We could get 2 new tires, and call it a day! Easy enough, right? 

We get there and they come out to look at my tires just like my mom said they would. He asks me how many miles I have and I have zero idea so I turn my car on to see. In the background I hear Duck Dude say, "I'm gonna guess 95.. No.. 98,000" my car comes on and says 98,450... What? How did he know?! Well that's obviously why I brought him along. So they do a little tire talk and decide on something and I pay for it. Four hundred and twenty three dollars. Yikes.

Duck Dude and I go have lunch on a glorious patio and come back. They hand me my key, and we’re about to walk out the door when he says, “Oh, wait. They said they dropped your key fob and broke it.” Oh, cool. So Mario walks outside with us to make sure it still works and I start pressing my button. Nothing. Duck dude says try to turn it on. Nothing. I try pressing the actual unlock button on it. Nothing. Ah, bummer. They broke it, broke it. Duck Dude takes it apart right there (another reason why I brought him along) and says, “There’s not even a battery in here!” He goes on to say that obviously means they not only dropped, they shattered it and tells our friend Mario we will want a new one.

The whole time I kept my mouth shut and it’s a good thing I did. We stay outside while Mario goes to make some calls. Duck Dude tells me there’s nothing wrong with my fob I just need a new battery and if we can get them to give us credit, my tires won’t cost as much! All over my head, but I heard cheaper tires and I was in. We waited, Duck Dude made a few calls to make sure they didn’t cheat us out of money (another thing I would have never thought of) and I end up getting two hundred and eight dollars back!

That’s all fine and dandy if we can get my key fob working again. We get a battery and after the inspection place put the battery in backwards.. Duck Dude fixed it and my key fob is back to working!! Hooray!!! I’ll add “key fob expert” to the list of reasons why I am dating Duck Dude.

And I could currently make it rain with the 20s in my wallet right now. 

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