Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BBL: Part 2

The response yesterday was awesome and I am so glad everyone enjoyed it so much. It makes it much easier to write out part two! The college roommate even said it made her tear up.. that’s how awesome these traditions are and how much they mean to us… even though that was not the original intention. Sidenote: she also cried when she turned 25 which is the reason why I give her a 21st birthday card every January. Moving on:

Things I Have Checked Off

  • Walk or run the 2.25 mile Bear Trail around campus – Absolutely. You run the part by the major streets.. get a couple “tap taps” on 8th street and call it a workout. There are zero pictures of this and it’s a good thing.
  • Visit Judges Lady and Joy at the Bear Habitat – This is the first thing I tell my students… we have real, live bears!!!! And they’re awesome. And they actually do sic ems!!! #bearsbeetsbattlestargallactica

  • Hear the echo at the Ring of Honor – This is probably a lesser known tradition. If you stand in a certain circle in front of Pat Neff and talk, it echoes all around you. It’s the first thing I showed the CA cousin when he came to Baylor.

  • Stop and listen to an entire song played on the bells by Pat Neff – guilty. I love those things. Sometimes the sister calls me when they’re playing a song just so I can hear.
  • Sit on a Baylor swing – The most relaxing thing you can do on campus. There is something about swinging on a green and gold swing that is just so serene. (I know the second picture isn't a swing picture.. but it explains a lot)

  • Try to feed a squirrel – Does try to catch one count? I mean, we could say we were going to feed it. Those little things are tricky… and feisty.
  • Kayak at the Baylor marina – on the windiest. Day. Ever. I think I was sore for a week. It took us forever to paddle back up the river against the wind. I was proud of myself. I am not proud of the picture. wow.

  • Savor a coffee at Common Grounds – one of the best places right off campus. It’s quirky, wonderful, and just as expensive as Starbucks… but I spent my fair share of money and time there. 
  • Stroll across the suspension bridge (tossing tortillas) – Definitely a tradition. I love walking the suspension bridge and I’d classify myself as an excellent tortilla tosser.

I couldn't find a suspension bridge picture... so here's a Judge Baylor one instead. 

Things I have Yet to do… key word yet.

  • Find memorial lamppost #1 and read the plaque underneath it – this one has me intrigued. I have no idea where it is.. is there a map of numbered lampposts?
  • Climb the 53 foot rock wall in the SLC – yeah. Never climbed it. I would have made a fool of myself. I’ve watched plenty of people climb it though. So that’s like a half check.
  • Go on a Baylor sponsored mission trip – I never did one of those. I always worked in the summer, but I always heard marvelous things about them. That’s one thing I’ll never be able to check off.
  • Attend a Church Under the Bridge service – I was so busy visiting the 1,396 churches in Waco, I never attended a service under the bridge. But once again, I always heard good things from people who did!
Until tomorrow...

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