Friday, October 25, 2013

More Fun Than Halloween

As I was thinking about my least favorite day of the year approaching.. I started making a list in my head of things that are more fun to do than Halloween. Here's what I came up with:

1. Go to a volleyball tournament. I am so sad that my volleyball tournament falls on Halloween this year. NOT! I just need to make sure my athletes do not have a sugar crash from their sugar high.

2. Eating candy. Instead of passing it out. My mom keeps candy all around the house at all times of the year. It's way more fun to just eat this candy rather than giving it away just to have to replace it again. Plus, everyone gives out chocolate.. because everyone loves chocolate........except for me. I hate chocolate. So I never got candy I would eat... if I actually made it out to trick or treat. I'd rather just sit and eat candy that I like and that I picked out myself.

3. Acupuncture - I've never done it. I don't plan to do it. But it's got to be more fun than Halloween. Halloween is the worst holiday slash day of the entire year. Valentines day is a close second, but Halloween is a "holiday" where you pay to get the color, blood, and guts scared out of you. So acupuncture has to be more fun than Halloween.

4. Count the number of minutes until the next season of the Bachelor begins!!! Seriously, my Monday nights are super thrown off when there is no bachelor/ette. My apartment also stays super dirty because it doesn't get cleaned because people are coming over. I don't have any Tierra-ble the Great comments to make and my sparkle is fading. All is right in the world when the Bachelor is playing on my tv on Monday nights. I'm forgetting what Juan Pablo's professional soccer body looks like. 

5. Go to Painting with a Twist! Instead of going to a haunted house where I would most likely literally pee in my pants, I'm going to paint this little diddy. He is nameless right now, but I am beyond happy to have him in my possession after 10 o'clock tonight. If mine looks 70% cute as this little guy, I will be happy.

Stay tuned on Monday to see my artistic ability or lack there of! 

Happy Friday!

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