Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BBL: Baylor Bucket List

In honor of it being one of my very most favorite weeks of the year… I am bringing to you an ALL Baylor posts week. Sorry Aggie friends, you’re gonna have to deal with the fantastic traditions of a Baylor Bear for a week. This weeks’ posts got a lot easier when I got the recent Baylor magazine in the mail. It’s simply titled “The Baylor Bucket List.” I was immediately intrigued:

One. It is in actual list form and there’s nothing I love more than a list.

Two. I could actually use a pen to check things off. I love checking things off.

Three. I could reminisce about my Baylor days.

How many things are on this list, Mollie? 77. 77 glorious things that you should do or have done if you’re receiving the Baylor magazine. So I’m going to take this week to take you through the lists and spout off some of my favorite memories of things I have done and things I haven’t done.

Things I Have Checked Off 
  • Take a picture with Judge Baylor – duhh, I have like 128 pictures with Judge Baylor starting from when I was a baby
  • Sip a float at Dr Pepper Hour – My education classes loved to be scheduled in the middle of DP hour.. but when I skipped class, you bet I was there!
  • Stroll Christmas on 5th Street – One of my favorite traditions. Luckily my friends/roommates knew I loved it and they loved it with me. Especially when we started our own tradition of stealing a large really large ornament off of the tree… in the middle of campus.. while everyone was around.

  • Light your spirit at Bonfire and take a picture with friends doing a sic em – which version would you like? Roommates? Family? Got them all. 

  •  Come back for homecoming, even when it isn’t your 5 year reunion – sooo, does coming back every single year count?

  • Sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” at a baseball game – Oh how I loveddd baseball games. Especially when Dr. Wood was there… in his duck embroidered, corduroy  pants.
Supporting home town friends at the Baylor Game!
  • Wear Baylor gear and get sic ‘ems from total strangers – I love this part of being an alumni. However, I am typically the total stranger saying sic ‘em to anyone I see wearing Baylor gear. I just get excited guys.
  • Travel to an away game (road trip) – oh like the time we went to the “white out” Baylor/ATM basketball game? And we proudly sat in the student section with our gold Baylor shirts… and the Bears ended up winning in FIVE overtimes. Yeah, that was awesome. 

Things I have Yet to do… key word yet. 
  • Visit the original Baylor campus in Independence – did you know Baylor was not originally in Waco? One thing I never did was make the drive to see the original Baylor columns
  • High five and/or photo bomb Bruiser – Bruiser is our mascot and I hate all mascots/costumes. However, I had an awesome friend who was Bruiser while I was at Baylor… so we had this deal where if he blew me a kiss, I had to blow a kiss back or he was allowed to come torture me. He never did.
  • Paint your face for a game – uhh, we’re Baylor. I have a reputation to uphold. Someone’s gotta be the stuck up preppy girl. Ha just kidding same reasoning as above… I don’t like things on my face or other people’s faces.

This is only two out of six pages… but I would not want you to miss out on any good stories. Stay tuned!

And sic em. 

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