Friday, October 4, 2013

Top 10: Teaching

Lately, in my personal blogging world, I have found that teachers are blogging more about their classrooms. (Sidenote: when Duck Dude called from Canada the other night, he asked what I was doing. I answered hanging out with my blogging friends... aka just reading blogs. I'm cool.) I love reading other teacher's stories from elementary to high school. There is something about reading about other students that just lets me know I am not alone. So I figured I would join in on the trend and come up with my top 10 teaching experiences so far. Some are hysterical, some are outrageous, and some are awkward. Enjoy and happy Friday. 

10. The ridiculously awesome music videos my students have created. Instead of “Shut Up and Drive” it was “Shut Up and Combine [like terms]”.

 9. The class that would always hide “Petunia the Pumpkin” and make me find her each and every day.

 8. When I got to be a part of a coworker getting engaged... at school... on Good Morning America! Plus, I got to meet and take a picture with the very handsome Cameron Mathison. Hey-ooo.

 7. The countless letters I receive from typing class telling me how much they miss me. “You’re the only reason why I made it to ninth grade.”

 6. The April Fool’s day where they pulled the prank of “pelting” me with wadded up notebook paper as soon as I turned my back for 2 seconds.

 5. When I got personal apology letters from 3 boys that were having an inappropriate drawings war over each other’s notebooks. Most awkward parent phone call ever.

 4. The 8 + 1 = 10 sign they hung on my door that absolutely no one understands and I have to explain it every time and then I look like the kid on the AT&T commercial trying to explain why the joke is funny. “It’s queen that make it funny.”

 3. The day they all collaborated to wear ATM/UT/TCU shirts when the Lady Bears were making their run to the National Championship.

 2. When they created “Wanted” posters and hung them up all.. and I mean all.. over the school when my favorite volleyball went missing. I can neither confirm nor deny that there might have been some intense interrogations as well.

 1. When my students created a wedding date (July 2nd) for me and my classroom neighbor, because we stand by each other in the hall during passing periods.. so we’re obviously getting married. And the paper engagement ring that is still on my classroom door. I’ve been happily unmarried for 3 months now.

 Kids will be kids and when you get overwhelmed by the demands of being a good teacher, it’s sometimes necessary to remember the good times.  

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