Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quack Shack

One of the best things about Duck Dude’s new house is it has a shed in the back!

The shed is air conditioned, has cable, and it has an old school phone which I, personally, think is adorable. That way if Duck Dude is ever misbehaving I will just banish him to his shed and I won’t even feel bad about it.

I like to personalize things and I wanted his shed to have a shedwarming gift. So I started to think of how I could add a little something to his shed for him. I’m not going to buy him some nails, caller id for his phone out there is not necessary, and he has plenty of camo…. So I decided to make him something. I make those little sign things every now and then and I started brain storming. "Quack Shack" was obviously going to be used and then I thought about “only dead ducks allowed” as a little slogan or rule for the quack shack.

I utilized my funny resources (thanks blonde sister)… and we came up with 3 rules for the Quack Shack. I went through 2 different maroons because it’s an ugly color I couldn’t find the exact shade I wanted until I settled on a “black cherry.” I still diluted it with a metallic gold to give it a little shine and once I got the color just right I double and triple checked with my two sisters and another faithful Aggie friend.

It’s hard to keep secrets from your significant other, so he saw it before it was done. It was a lot easier to just show him than move everything off of the kitchen table when he came over for the jiffy casserole last Monday. It’s now finished and as soon as he gets back from Canada he can hang it on his shed wall! 


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