Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jiffy Casserole

I have been eating this casserole my whole life.. my mom cooked it all the time. I ate it all the time. Then, recently, my mom cooked it again. I probably had not eaten it in years! It's the easiest recipe in the world.

This week I invited Duck Dude over for dinner, but I had not been to the grocery store in forever. So, of course, I had to wait to go until after volleyball practice, which means I didn't even get to the store until 5. I wanted something fast because I was starving so I decided on the jiffy casserole. I had it whipped up and in the oven by the time Duck Dude got to my apartment... as far as he knows I spent all day marinating and slicing and dicing instead of the 10 minutes it actually took. We threw together some corn/bacon/red pepper as a side and were ready to eat in no time. As soon as we started eating, Duck Dude declared it "his favorite recipe I've cooked." What?? That's his favorite? Out of the other recipes that I've slaved over?? ha just kidding folks, all my recipes are easy, but this is one is four ingredients! 

1 pound ground hamburger (or I used ground turkey). 1 can of cream of asparagus. 1 can of french cut green beans, and 1 box of jiffy corn muffin mix. 

Brown the meat. Add the soup (undiluted). Put it in a 9x9 pan. Drain the green beans and add them on top. Mix up the corn muffin mix and put it on the top. Cook for 30-40 at 350. Bam.  

Best part is it's been my lunch the past two days and it still tastes just as fantastic! 
Way to go Jiffy casserole.. way to go. 

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