Wednesday, September 11, 2013

T Shirts

T shirts. How many do you own?

I own approximately 90. Yes, that’s a real calculation folks. I might explain how I came to that number later. But for now, you need to know I have an absurd amount of tshirts and I am emotionally attached to every single one of them. Seriously, before I started this little task, I tried to “clean out” the ones that have sweat stains, have holes in them I never ever, ever wear…. And I got rid of 4. I’m looking at it like it’s a start.

A while back I pinned a blog post on a new way to fold tshirts. The blogger claimed you could see what each one was and it made more room. I left it pinned for a solid 2 months and finally on Labor day decided I would give it a try. (Technically I labored a little bit on Labor day, but it was organizing and I’m OCD so it was fun laboring)

I started by taking out my four stacks of tshirts and counting how many were in each stack.. It averaged out to about 11. Speaking of 4 different stacks I’ll just go ahead and clue you in on my organizing style. One stack is green and gold Baylor shirts, one stack is organization Baylor shirts (intramurals, frat shirts, dia del oso shirts, etc.), one stack is organization shirts, and the last stack is my random group that’s left over!

I started folding them like the post said and realized it was just as easy as it sounded. As I started to put the tshirts back into my drawer I quickly found out that I could fit more than 11 in a row. So, I ran to my dryer to pull out the tshirts that were in there! Typically I have to go on a rotation system because I have too many tshirts.. so the ones stay in the dryer until I wear enough so the piles go down and I have more room. You can fit on average 17 tshirts folded this way! I’m not even kidding. I felt like it was Christmas Day!


I kept folding and kept jamming out to my Kacey Musgraves Pandora and when I finished I found that I had room left over in my tshirt drawer!!!!! That has never happened in my life! I considered putting those 4 shirts that I had decided to give away throw away back in and then decided that was regressing from my original goal.

Then I moved to my school’s tshirt drawer and completed it for them as well! I felt so accomplished I sent pictures to my whole family. It’s fantastic and made this little OCD heart happy. So happy.

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