Friday, September 27, 2013

Night Shower-er

I’ve always been a person that showers at night. Everyone showers at night when they’re a little kid… I think… because it’s easy for the parents! We always loved shower time at my house.. with 2 sisters we’d run around the house naked with the towel that goes on top of your head… like a cape! Then my dad would dry off our hair.. and I still dry my hair like that today.

When I was a teenager I always had volleyball practice or volleyball games so I’d come home, eat dinner, and then shower. It was my routine. My hair is as straight as a board, there is zero need for me to blow dry my hair. It’s straight if I let it air dry and it’s straight if I blow dry. Same outcome.

Now a days, I like to think I’m doing my hair a favor by not putting so much heat on it by letting it air dry. I still have volleyball practice in the afternoon and so it’s still my same routine. I like just getting up in the morning, watching some sportscenter and not feeling rushed.

After last night’s game I went out with some coaches from another school to get the scouting report on the team they just played; by the time I got home, I was ready for bed. I decided I would just shower this morning. I’ve already discussed my slight compulsive disorder (see: tshirt post) (also see: shoe organizer).

Here are the reasons I should not shower in the morning:

I started by putting conditioner in my hair. I typically just condition the ends of my hair… about half way down, but nope I put the conditioner all over my head. 

I shaved my right leg. Yup, just the right one. The left one is still just as hairy as it was last night. However, one of my fellow coaches pointed out, at least it wasn't one armpit.. That would be worse.. I think!

My hair got stuck in my hair dryer. Ok, so my hair dryer is a little ghetto.. I lost that piece that covers where the air gets sucked in.. So if you're not careful (which I normally am).. Your hair will get sucked in to the back of the dryer. Now, my grays are already shining through and I still have a week and a half to go before my hair appt... So those brown hairs are precious. I cannot afford to sacrifice one to my hair dryer let alone 15!!!

All in one morning. I like to call that talent. Alas, good news is it's Friday... Better news is my red head and Duck Dude are heading to Huntsville with me this weekend for a birthday party! And my blonde is meeting us down there! And I get to see my sweet Lilly who just turned 6 months old!! 

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