Friday, September 20, 2013

First Win

Friday. I am so happy to see you. Even though you are rainy and gloomy and made my head feel like someone is jumping on it… you are still Friday.

As a middle school coach you are always looking for that first win to boost an already fragile confidence of 13 year old hormonal girls. My first 2 games have been terrible. My girls have literally been running into each other on the court. We’ve done communication drills, we’ve done “out of system” drills, we’ve done serve receive drills, we’ve done “in the hole” drills, and yet they haven’t been working as a team.

Last night, we got that elusive first win. And man, it felt good. They finally played their little hearts and played like a team instead of 6 individual players. My all-star played like an all-star and the other 5 didn’t stare at her and expect her to do everything. They fought back from being down 10-7 in the second set and I was pleased to see that resilience in them (last week we were up 17-10 and lost 25-19, uh zero relisiliency). So I’m a happy coach today and hope that puts us on a winning streak, and I hope it puts the Texas Rangers on one too because they're slowly breaking my heart.

And I will have to find a way to wear my Spiderman socks every game, because that was obviously the problem.

peace, love, and TGIF.

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