Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall 5

Fall 5

In honor of the high temperature for Saturday being 85… I’m doing an all things fall post. This is my one out of two fashion-ish posts I do a year… so bear with me. I picked out five things that I cannot live without am desperate to have. I just feel like my life will be a lot happier if these 5 items are in my closet come October. Not that I am not happy… just happier than a camel on hump day type happy. (does anyone else think that commercial never gets old? I love it every time)

Black skinny jeans. I definitely am not a fan of the leggings as pants phase. At Baylor we called them “pantsless pi phis.” Yoga pants are different, but leggings are for under things and not to be worn as pants… no matter how big your shirt is. Plus, there are so many things you can pair with black skinny jeans. Sweaters, tshirts, denim, cardigans, button downs, and vests. Anything and everything. It’s a staple piece and so versatile… it needs to be in my closet.


Infinity scarf. I held off on getting one of these last year. I had enough fun tying my own scarfs all different ways. While I will definitely wear my scarves this fall too, I think I need an infinity scarf. You don’t have to tie it all, just wrap it around your neck! I kinda like how you could put it over your head too. The only thing I cannot decide is what color I think I need in my closet.

Aztec Sweater. I do not feel this should be any surprise to anyone. I love the geometric designs of Aztec sweaters. The triangles, the parallelograms, the trapezoids all combined with colors or the simplicity of black and white.. I love it all. I need at least one, but probably two in my fall attire.


Plaid. Don’t judge me on this one, but I think plaid is wonderful. You don’t have to look like a country bumpkin in it, or you can, because that can be fun too. I like it as a shirt or as a layer or as a jacket. I would really love to find a plaid vest and add that to my repertoire. And I could throw my new infinity scarf over it. Wa-BAM!


Boots. Because you can never have too many options. You can never have too many different styles. You can never have too many variations of brown. You can never have too many boots. Period.

And now I’m off to surf the interwebz for some new stuff. 

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