Monday, September 30, 2013

Toast to September

Do you remember.. the 30 days of September? Sung like the Earth, Wind, and Fire song.. obviously. My answer to my own question is no. I could have sworn it was the 1st of September yesterday. 

Here's to parents who are unwilling to accept their child is anything less than #1. Wowzers.

Here's to your boyfriend actually enjoying going to Sams and Kirklands with you on a Saturday. #newhomeowner

Here's to a student teacher that leaves at 2:45 every day. Because that's reasonable in the teaching world.

Here's to not having to do anything the next 2 weeks because of said student teacher. The bright side.

Here's to being back at a .500 winning percentage with my volleyball team. Two game win streak  means we're at 2-2 baby!!!

Here's to the Rangers making me believe in them again and here's to them probably breaking my heart somewhere in the near future. 

Here's to being way more concerned with my Baylor Bears and RG3 than the Cowboys. I can't help myself. 

And here's to October being just as busy if not busier than September. Zero free weekends, but so excited about all of them!  

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