Tuesday, September 17, 2013



That’s right. I’m going there. And my next comment might surprise you. I’m obsessed with her. Like full blown party in the USA, we can’t stop, obsessed with her. She is abundantly talented. Now before you write me off as crazy, hear me out.

I am not a fan of her recent actions. I think she is making herself look like a dang fool. However, her music is beautifully written and she has a unique, powerful voice. I am not talking about the song where’s she doing “lines” in the bathroom and referencing “Molly”… I am talking about her backyard sessions on YouTube - where she is stripped down (no pun intended) to just her voice and her acoustic band. Songs like Lilac Wine and Jolene… you can hear how strong her voice is and how her voice can flow through runs. I even really love Wrecking Ball, which is melodically beautiful I held off on watching the music video for so long because I didn’t want it to ruin the song for me. I would love to hear an acoustic version of the song.

I am so sad that she is choosing to be known as a notorious performer rather than a talented artist. It seems that fame is more important than legacy. She is sending the message to my young students that it doesn’t matter what you’re known for, just that you’re known.
Her message is that we “just don’t understand her.” I often wonder how many of my students feel the same way… that I just “don’t get them.” I hope they realize there are other choices than to act a fool. There are other ways to communicate to people and other ways to tell people how you feel. There are other ways to display your talents. There are other ways to make an impact.

I want my students to be a wrecking ball to the current social standards. 

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