Friday, September 13, 2013


Today, I am a boilermaker.

Why? Because Notre Dame is ranked one spot ahead of my Baylor Bears… and guess who they’re playing? You got it. Purdue. So I hope, for today, that Purdue wins and the boilermakers come ready to play their hearts out!!!

I am, for the same reasons, also an Illinois, Western Michigan, Lamar, Arizona State fan!! I am rooting for any team who is playing any team ranked above my Bears. So much so that I made an excel sheet to keep up with who I should be rooting for each splendid Saturday. You might be thinking ‘wow, Mollie, that’s a little much’ but then again you might not spend as many hours as I do watching college football. If you do, then you’re thinking ‘wow, Mollie, can I get a copy?’

There’s another first happening this weekend. I will be wearing a Texas A&M shirt during the Bama vs Aggie game. Call it love or call it he wore/has a Baylor shirt now so I have to return the favor…. But I will be supporting my Duck Dude and his school when they take on Saban this weekend. So we will not be rolling any tide and we will be hoping that Johnny Football can control his on field behavior and not get any unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

And I will leave you with a football related joke for this fantastic Friday.

How do you say Tony Romo in Spanish?

Mark Sanchez.

Now that’s funny. And I’m a Cowboys fan. Still. Funny. 

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