Thursday, October 17, 2013

BBL: Part Three

Just so many good things on this list. The first day I told you there were 77 items on the list. How many things have I physically checked off? 48. Yup. I am proud of that number. Here’s the last two pages:
Things I have  checked off.
  • Watch a Baylor Theater production – the first time I did this it was mandatory for Art appreciation… then I loved it and I went back for every musical. Baylor has some seriously talented people.
  • Chow down on a Vitek’s gut pack – the coolest thing about checking this one off is I can say for a fact that my dad checked this off when he was a student and so did my grandfather. 
  • Consume a George’s chicken fried steak – I have eaten their chicken fried steak, but Pat Green’s favorite (southside chicken) is my go to choice at George’s. A grilled chicken breast with guacamole and pico on top? Fantastic.
George's at Homecoming is even better!

  •  Chomp a Poppa Rollo’s Pizza – Absolutely. It’s a super cool place with excellent pizza. If you haven’t been - Go! (Is anyone surprised I was 5 for 6 in the food category? Me either)
  • Dia Del Oso – Only the greatest national holiday there is. Oh.. it’s not a national holiday? Wellll. We act like it. That’s the day I get to hang out with Brittany Griner and no one thinks twice about it!
I love it so much I go back as an alumni

  • All University Sing – the greatest 4 hours you will spend sitting in a theater. I’m forcing Duck Dude to come this next year because the blonde will be performing in it!!! It’s unbelievable what these college kids can do!
  • Hear a guest speaker at Chapel – say what you will about being forced to go to Chapel and not be on your phone. I loved it. I loved 85% of the speakers, music, and talent that came in. My first ever class (chapel) was listening to the David Crowder Band… I texted my mom and said, “I think I’m gonna be just fine here.”
  • Chat with a professor over coffee or send a thank you note to your favorite professor – I’ve never been shy about my favorite professor.. Dr. Meyer.. now Rogers.. but she’ll always be Dr. Meyer to me. She didn’t just have coffee with us.. she invited us into her home and she prepared me to be the awesome teacher that I am. I not only wrote her a thank you note after my first year of teaching I sent it to the dean of the education school because I think she’s that phenomenal. I cannot wait to see her this weekend.

  • Get your diploma and display it proudly – Ok, mine might still be rolled up in the little tube… but I got it and I am proud of it!! I am proud to be an alumni from the greatest university on the planet.

Things I have yet to do… key word yet.
  •  Nibble on Oriental fries at Kitok’s – I’ve never heard of this eating establishment… but it sounds interesting… maybe I’ll have to find it this weekend.
  • Bearathon – The red head and I trained for about one week for the Bearathon…. And then we stopped. So that’s like a half check.
  • Read or study in a tree hammock beside Carroll Science – This is also where people do those tight rope walking things… I don’t think I’ll ever check this one off.. and I’m ok with that.
Yeah, not for me. 
  • Grab lunch in East Village Dining Commons – This just opened up this year and I am hoping to check it off this weekend!!! Baylor’s dining halls are ridiculous and actually pretty good.
These lists have gotten me so excited for this weekend!!! Only 24 hours and I will be southbound 35 and on my way to Waco, Texas on the almost beautiful Brazos river with my family and my friends and having the time of my life.

See you soon, spot on the sidewalk for the parade, see. you. soon.

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