Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Lock Me in A Room With You

My school is currently experiencing problems with Google. That makes my life so much more difficult than it needs to be!! But I'm working through it and finally getting to blog. So instead of recapping my Thursday night, I'm recapping my Thursday night and weekend! Thursday night was the Baylor/OU game and it was glorious!! We won and I was already wearing my "Ouch, that had to hurt" shirt!!! 

I gave that game to my Uncle Phil and his defense. It was awesome. My OU friend wanted to bury her head and wear a Baylor shirt by the end! That's right. Sic em Bears!

Speaking of sic 'em bears.... our BU/Texas tickets came in the mail!!!!! Ahhh! The last game at the Case! I am so excited and cannot wait for Dec. 7th. I was hoping Texas would lose in OT, but it's setting up one heck of a finale in Waco! 

Then, Duck Dude and I went to see Josh Turner!!! I had never seen him before and when he hit that first low note of "Baby, lock them doors and turn the lights down low"..... I wanted to be locked in a room with him. He was amazing! He sounded phenonemenal! Exactly like he does on the radio. Mucho respect Joshie, you're good. 

Bring on the week! 

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