Friday, November 15, 2013

Post It Note Project

Post It note project is complete!!! And now I have to grade 103 of them... but that doesn't matter because they look awesome! Here are some of my favorites from this year!

I'm trying to turn this kid. From Ducks Unlimited to Delta Waterfowl. Your welcome Duck Dude.

The most adorable golden retriever in post its ever!

You can never go wrong with minions!

I think this turkey is super pretty and it reminds me of Screwy Louie... Duck Duded's new turkey friend who lives around the corner with two big dogs. I'm completely serious. 

Who else was a boss at tetris? Was the word boss used back then? I tried to think of one, but I'm not sure I succeeded. These kids succeeded. I love tetris.

What's not to love about a sonic meal?! 

And be careful if you're a teacher in the hall around me... you never know when you'll end up as a math project! 

Happy Friday to all! I'm spending my Friday with a Family Pack of Ricolas. Nice to see you too winter weather.

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