Monday, January 26, 2015

You've Got to Go {Ed. 2}

In August, I did this post over deleting extremely old contacts from my phone.
After facetiming with my sisters roommates last night while flipping between Miss Universe and the Pro Bowl, we discussed a certain infamous Baylor memory. Then I realized, I still had this contact in my phone!!! Whyyyy? I have no idea. And that's how you get to read, You've Got to Go, Edition 2. And I'm still only changing one name.
Allan Murphy - Thanks for sparking another deletion of contacts. I hope that arrest on your record from pouring beer on a Baylor cop and getting tazed hasn't ruined your life... Are you still dating that 38 year old? Clearly, you've got to go. 

Cameron Kline - Dear offensive lineman for Baylor, you were a really great contact to have while I was at Baylor. But I no longer need your comic relief of passing gas during yoga class. You've got to go.
Stuart (I actually don't know) - You're 7 feet tall and really nice, but that is where my feelings have always stopped. Sorry buddy. You've got to go.
Carter Frank - Hey prom date. We had a great time at prom, but I broke up with you to go to Baylor.... and you're still working at Razoo's as a waitor. You've got to go. 
Tyler Sprink - While taking me on a date to play basketball would have been a good idea.... you should have let me known it was a date.... because then I would not have gone. Sorry you didn't know you had been friendzoned. You've got to go.
 Trevor Jacob - While I am flattered you didn't wait long to "hit me up" after I broke up with your best friend, no thanks. Always, no thanks. You've got to go.

Patrick Lynch - Thanks for hosting all the parties in high school, it was really great. But, now we're 26 and you still host the same parties, with the same people. At least Carter Frank still attends! You've got to go.
Harrison Sanders - Hey, I'm sorry I ran away screaming when you tried to kiss me... that was probably a pretty immature move. Don't sue me with that law degree you got.
And now I have accomplished something today. 


  1. I could not stop laughing reading this!

    1. It's almost embarrassing how easy it is to write! I thought surely I don't have enough stories to make a second edition...... but here we are!!