Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

Yesterday, I was at a math meeting, and I can barely keep up with where my clothes are right now, so there's been no pre-blogging the night before, which explains the no post yesterday. 
Today is random and I'm not gonna apologize for it. First up, I blogged about my verse of 2015 a week ago and it's still currently my "most viewed post" this week. And that makes me really happy. I appreciate that this post is making it's rounds. It's one of those posts where I feel super vulnerable, because it's a very personal thing. These verses stay with me for a lifetime and there's always that fear of backlash when you post on such a public place. So, the fact that people are still hangin around it a week later is cool. 
We have a huge basketball game tonight against one of my best friends in the school district! Both teams are undefeated and both teams want desperately to win. My friend, Rachel, decided to put "play like a girl" on her basketball shirt!! So we will all be in our play like a girl shirts and I think that is really awesome!!  So, we have this really competitive game, but we're still one unit in supporting our adolescent girls!!! I think it's a pretty inspirational message. 

My next favorite thing about Rachel is she will be a gracious winner or loser. And then she will come to my bachelorette party this weekend and we will have a grand 'ol time!!! I'm very appreciative about not having to worry about the outcome of the game and if it will affect my party this weekend.  Friends can be a funny thing, and I'm glad she's a good one.

Speaking of my party this weekend, the fun stuff has arrived!!!!! The rest of my weekends in January of full of fun wedding things and I am so excited!!!! More on that, specifically, tomorrow!! 
Any former brides have tips on how to make sure you soak it all in? I want to try and remember everything about parties, showers, rehearsals, and the wedding! How do I do that? A whole lot of pictures? Keeping every momento possible to make a scrapbook? Blogging will obviously help a little, but I am open to other tips as well. 

And those are all the thoughts I have on this Thursday. Hurry up Friday!!!

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