Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I Want Wednesday

With fall approaching... I can say that in Texas.. it's still 93 degrees. Fall happens when it gets in the 80s... break out the sweaters!!! Anyway, it's got to be right around the corner and I am ready to find some new threads to keep me warm through the winter! 

Here are some trends that I think I am on board with this fall.

Jewel Tones
From being in the textile industry with the quilt business, I love pantones. I got to stare at them all day and I have to say I am not hating the jewel tone colors. Their warm hues look good on just about anybody, especially as my tan is fading away.

With colors like "burnt ochre".. how can you resist? I love this sweater. And it doesn't hurt that both of our football teams colors work quite well with jewel tones. Baylor and ATM.

Scarves are definitely going no where this fall season and I am a-ok with that! Here's a couple I've got my eye on. A scarf.. in a jewel tone color. Ohh watch me, watch me! I'm also loving the neutral plaid.. it can go with so many things! And I haven't jumped on the blanket scarf trend yet... but let's be real. I probably will. A blanket and a scarf? Okkkkkkk.

Ear Jackets
Work with me on this one. Call them whatever you want. Ear crawlers, ear cuffs, ear jackets. They are cool. Here's why I think they are gonna be great for the fall. Like we just talked about.. scarves are going no where. I think these earrings would like fantastic with a giant big blanket scarf.. or any scarf for that matter! And just because it's an ear jacket doesn't mean it has to be super edgy. There are plenty of dainty ones out there, like this Kendra Scott pair. Or I am really obsessed with this Stella and Dot pair... and I'm going to a stella and dot party on Nov. 6th! I like the subtle pop of color in the turquoise pair. Then you have the ones that crawl up your ear, which I am not opposed to either!

I wonder one day if I'll look back at this space and say to myself, "I cannot believe I wore *blank*.. what was I thinking!" But in 2015, I think this is where it's at! 

p.s. (sorry for ending with a preposition mom.) 

p.p.s.Look, now I ended with mom! Bonus points!


  1. I'm loving all of those crawlers/jackets! I think they're such a fun trend and those are all such cute ones!

    1. Yes!! I am SO glad I am not the only one!!! I'd love to see some you pick out!