Monday, August 29, 2011

Teams, Parents, Open House

This is definitely gonna be a short post!! I have just enough time before my next activity! Who cares if my next activity is my guilty pleasure "Bachelor Pad" at Kellie's apartment.... I need it!!

School is going well! It's crazy busy, but I love my accelerated classes!! I have some really cool students this year. I can't wait to get to know them even better. My math investigations class is going to be a handful, with all 5 of them. They are all at such different levels and we spent last week just working on multiplication facts (in SEVENTH GRADE!!!!). Crazy.

I have picked my volleyball teams and only received a few parent emails. I think parents expect their students to be on the exact same team in the exact same routine! Welllll, that's not how I do it! :) But I have only had one girl quit! So, that's good! ha

And tomorrow is Mini-School night. I actually like this night because there's only 7 mins a period and parents can only stand and talk for so long! :) Pray that I say all the right things and the parents love me!! 

I promise I'll do better. Hopefully.

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