Friday, September 9, 2011

Cooking Adventures!

So, now that I've been living on my own for a while. I've really started to cook for myself.... slash 10 people. I always end up with so much food that I take it to friends/invite people over/end up eating leftovers forever!!!! Most of my recipes come from the same spot:  the lady is excellent and every recipe I've ever made has turned out well!

Here is my adventure from tonight: Baked Spinach Macaroni and Cheese with a Black Bean Salad 
I only thought of taking pictures after I'd made the cheese. There's onions, chicken broth, milk, flour, and scallions.

Then you add the noodles and 4 cups of baby spinach!

Put a little Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs on top and voila! (I should have let the bread crumbs brown a little longer before I took the picture)

Very similar to the summer tomato salad Melanie and I made but without the crab and less tomatoes, plus black beans!! I could eat this every day.
This was exactly what I wanted!!
I will definitely make this again. You could easily add chicken and possibly green chiles are my two ideas. My upcoming recipes I want to try are Greek Turkey Meatballs (they seem a little more difficult!) and an amazing looking Pumpkin Spice Dip (... I'm waiting for a little more fall weather for this)! 
Relaxing weekends with cooking adventures are the best!!!


  1. look at you go!!! so impressed little lady!

  2. Mollie Marie!!! Aren't you the little lady of the kitchen. GOOD looking stuff - especially that bean salad. Go for it girl!