Friday, September 30, 2011

LEAD 2021

LEAD 2021 is a new vision for our school district. It is very progressive and I think it will stretch some of the older teachers who tend to just give worksheets all the time. 

I received an email from Erin at the administration building asking me if I would consider being on the LEAD Assessment Team. She was putting together her "dream team" of people from all over the district. I was honored, as a 2nd year teacher, to even have my name put into the mix. She told me she had gotten my name from the Director of Assessment for the district, Karen Vance. I had Karen's son in my class last year and Karen told Erin that she "had to have me." We studied a lot about education at Baylor, so I feel confident in my ability to be able to contribute. I'm hoping to be able to push the issue of less massive amounts of homework, and more quality homework. Then I really want to show people how projects and mini-projects is an excellent form of summative assessment, rather than paper and pencil tests. I know my ways work; I just have to get everyone to see that. I wish people would come into my classroom every day to see how it is run. I'm not saying it's perfect, but my students are learning. There are so many classrooms where adolescents are doing anything but learning. So I am excited to get started and throw my ideas out there!

I'm writing this blog from my bed. First day I've taken off, but for an excellent reason. I am headed to the first Rangers playoff game!!!! I'm beyond excited and have had a wonderful morning of eggs/spinach and blogging.

Let's Go CJ!!!!!!!!

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